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Miromaa Software Help

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  • Learn section
  • Tools section
  • Menu Bar
  • The Navigation Panel
  • The Search & Admin Panel
  • Info Box
  • Go To Feature
  • Notepad Feature
  • Check for Updates
  • Support
  • File Management
  • Setting Up Your Miromaa Folder Structure
  • Creating your database
  • Miromaa folder structure
  • Logging into Miromaa for the first time
  • Setting up your username and password
  • Creating a username and password
  • User groups
  • Backing up your work
  • How to backup
  • Where to keep your backups
  • Auto-Updating Miromaa
  • Updating Miromaa Manually
  • Separation of languages and dialects
  • Creating dialects within a language database
  • Assigning permission to users
  • Creating a new language database
  • Swapping between languages on different databases
  • Access, Visibility, Era, Locked, Archived, Main
  • How to enter each of these controls
  • What are these controls used for
  • Entering Words into the Editor
  • Summary of the features of the Editor
  • Entering language via the Editor for the first time
  • Entering Words
  • Entering Original Recorded Spelling
  • Entering Original Recorded Translation
  • Entering Sentences
  • Entering Short Text
  • Accessing Your Library
  • Adding Language Sources to Your Library to Create Library Items
  • Attributing Entries to Their Item
  • Opening Library Items from the Editor
  • Notes: Extra Information, Knowledge and Linguistic Comments
  • Reference: Word Category and Part of Speech
  • Custom Fields
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Activities
  • Recording with Audacity
  • Editing Sound
  • Exporting from Audacity
  • Importing Your audio into Miromaa
  • Custom Fields
  • Field Labels
  • Word Categories
  • Parts of speech
  • Eras
  • Special Characters
  • Skin
  • About your language page
  • Presets, layout and format
  • Updating Miromaa before you start
  • Make your first dictionary in 10 eay steps
  • Look at your first dictionary
  • Advanced features
  • The Word List screen
  • The different types of word lists
  • Controlling which words appear in a word list
  • How to export a word list