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You can contact us via

Phone: +61 24940 9100

Email: miromaa@acra.org.au 

TeamViewer Remote QuickSupport

Please pre-arrange a TeamViewer Support call

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We can also do TEAMS and ZOOM with prior

+61 2 4940 9100
L1/9 Main Rd Boolaroo

Technical Support



If you have a technical problem with Miromaa, you can visit:


Still having trouble?

The next step is to contact us via email or phone so that we can arrange a time convenient to both of us to talk the problem through.

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+61 2 4940 9100 (Australia) 

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Contact Form

Visit our contact page and fill out the enquiry form.

We can access your computer from here

Through the wondrous technology of 'TeamViewer Remote Control' we can - with your permission - access your computer to help solve a problem you might be having with Miromaa. This is done via the internet and is highly secure as an IT support tool. Our Miromaa users love it because It's as if we are sitting with you at your computer.

  • You see everything: It is not possible for us to do anything without you seeing it (no hidden actions or copy files in secret). 
  • You have ultimate control: You always have priority control over our remote control.
  • After ending, our access is denied: Once our session has ended it is no longer possible for us to connect to your computer and TeamViewer can no longer be started (you will need to re-install).

Our connections are established via fully encrypted data channels using 1024-bit RSA key exchange and 256-bit AES session encoding. For further information about TeamViewer please visit TeamViewer directly at www.teamviewer.com or contact the Miromaa team directly. 


  1. If you haven't been able to solve your problem through our HELP section, then we need to organise a 'tech support session'.

  2. Once scheduled we will then let you know when we are ready for you to download the support module below.
    Please note that this support option requires you to have an internet connection.

  3. Click this big blue button to download the customised Miromaa Quick Support module.
    (file download size approximately 10MB)

    teamviewer logo miromaa

    It will automatically determine which is the correct module to download to your computer, it will run on both Windows and Mac computers.

  4. You will be asked to either run or save the application, you can choose either option. We suggest to choose 'save'. This way if our connection is lost you don't have to re-download the application, just run it again.

  5. When you see the green light as above we will know that you are ready and we will attempt to connect, you will be prompted to accept our connection.
  6. Once connected we will then be able to control your computer completely.

  7. When we have finished the support session you can close the application and we will no longer have access to your computer. (Remember: this does not install it is a run-once application).