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4.1 Miromaa and Multimedia

- Your Language Journey Workbook -

1 Miromaa and Multimedia


Multimedia, such as images, videos and audio bring your entries to life. Miromaa is so powerful that you can house all of your multimedia together with its entry in the Editor. Miromaa makes it easy to enrich your entries with multimedia and to create resources that make learning fun by being beautiful to look at and engaging.

It also helps to make language easy to understand and pronounce correctly and help to describe concepts that are visual or don’t have an equivalent in English.

2 Miromaa and Multimedia

Attaching Multimedia in 5 Easy Steps

3 Miromaa and Multimedia

Best-Practice tip:
Before adding your multimedia to your entries it’s a good idea to transfer your multimedia into its ‘Pictures’, ‘Audio’, ‘Video’ or ‘Activities’ folder in your ‘Media’ folder you created following our instructions in the File Management and Backing Up chapters on our website

4 Miromaa and Multimedia

Being organised helps you find things, work faster and avoid losing work.

Trust us please!

Relax! Your own personal librarian is looking after your files!

Did you know that living inside your computer there is a tiny little librarian who works for Miromaa, who:

  1. Takes a copy of every Multimedia and Library file you upload (but leaves the original where it is)

  2. Files it away for you in Miromaa’s world-class archival system in your database so, you can always find everything you upload quickly and easily via the Editor, all without doing any (boring) filing...how convenient is that?!

5 Miromaa and Multimedia

All you have to do is backup your database at the end of each day and all of your work and resources are kept safe and organised!


There are two ways to add audio to your word entries. You can:

  • Upload audio that you have found or pre-recorded
  • Record audio as you go via the Editor using Audacity

Audio Recording Options
There are many different options for recording audio. Please take the time to read the following Miromaa Method tips before you get started.

Best Practice Miromaa Method tips recommends you:

  • Always record in the highest quality possible Invest in good quality equipment
  • Think long term
  • Consider what this recording may be used for now and in the future
  • Remember this may be the one and only opportunity you have to record this person or event
  • Think of the outputs you may make from this recording (such as Apps, talking dictionaries)


OPTION 1: Using the inbuilt microphone of your laptop or computer


  • Cheap


  • Poor quality
  • Recording in analogue
  • Picks up internal noises from computer
  • Picks up noises in the environment
  • Recording may not be good enough to use in resources


OPTION 2: Plugging an external microphone into your computer


  • Moves microphone closer to speaker
  • Improves quality of your voice slightly


  • Recording in analogue
  • Still susceptible to computer noises
  • Picks up environmental noises depending on quality of the microphone


OPTION 3: Recording your audio into a digital audio recorder *


  • Excellent quality
  • Clean sound
  • Used by music industry
  • Wide choice of microphones that you can match to your need
  • Feature rich devices
  • You have full control
  • Comes with a range of accessories
  • Can serve as digital interface
  • May also plug directly into video camera