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5.1 Language Documentation

- Your Language Journey Workbook -

Miromaa Language Documentation Exercises

As part of this workshop you have been provided with an adapted version of our Awabakal Miromaa database. The exercises below are designed to get you comfortable using Miromaa and gain an understanding of the range of fields Miromaa provides for language documentation.

TASK: Work your way through the exercises and complete the tasks in the `Task’ column.

Tip: Practice searching for your entries by Word ID, Awabakal word and English word.

Note: The images, audio and activities for each of these are already saved on your Miromaa training computers in the file structure we suggest you setting up on your computers when you finish training!

Part 1: Multimedia Exercises

1 Language Documentation

 Part 2: Multimedia, Sentences and Notes Exercises

2 Language Documentation

Part 3: Multimedia, Text, Sentences, and Creating Audio exercises

3 Language Documentation