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5.3 Customising Miromaa for YOUR Language and Needs

- Your Language Journey Workbook -

In these exercises you will learn more about how Miromaa can be customized for YOUR language and how it is designed to mirror and respect community protocols with regards to access, visibility and sharing your work.

Customising Miromaa Exercises

Miromaa has tagging functions in the reference section so you can attribute each entry to a word category and part of speech. These exercises will show you how you can add/change/modify categories to suit your language and also create subcategories.

Complete the following exercises:

a) Add a new word category
b) Add a label to a custom field category
c) Add a part of speech category and subcategory
d) Remove a category
e) Add a custom field for your language

Managing User Groups, Access, Visibility and Sharing

The exercises below will show you how you can manage your Miromaa user groups and control access to your work.

Complete the following exercises:

f) Add a new user and assign a group to them
g) Tick an entry as sacred
h) Tick an entry as restricted
i) Tick an entry as not learner accessible
j) Tick an entry as main
k) Archive an entry
l) Lock an entry

1 Customising Miromaa for YOUR language and needs