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Phone: +61 24940 9100

Email: miromaa@acra.org.au 

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+61 2 4940 9100
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Welcome to the Main Menu! This will pop up every time you open Miromaa.

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  • Entry - Allows user to enter words only. It has restricted access to the rest of Miromaa
  • Editor - Allows user to enter words & multimedia (audio, video, images and activities) and access to controls/protocol section. It has access to all areas of Miromaa
  • Linguist - Allows user to enter words and has additional fields offered according to linguistic practice
  • Archive - Where words that have been entered and archived are kept


Learner - Gives user access to read words and see any Images, Videos, Audio and Activities entered for those words. To be visible in the Learner View, a word must be given permission in the Editor.


  • Word List - Create word lists from here
  • Dictionary - Create dictionaries from here
  • Export - Export for other programs, such as to make apps and into linguistic software like Shoebox and Toolbox.
  • To Do - Send notes and assign tasks to members of your Miromaa team or yourself
  • All Multimedia - List of everything you have uploaded into Miromaa including sources, Images, Videos, Audio and Activities
  • Options - A kind of control room, here you can manage the administration of Miromaa as well as customise and add to Miromaa