1. Secure login
2. Create unlimited user groups for control of secure access to language
3. Multiple language support
4. Import language records from standard format marker text files
5. Export language records to standard format marker text files
6. Customise Labels to reflect your language namemiromaa4web
7. Compatible with Toolbox and Lexique Pro
8. Export data including multimedia to folders
9. Online updates for future fixes and enhancements
10. User friendly simple language entry screen
11. User friendly detailed language editor screen
12. Special linguist screen
13. Record original and revised spellings of language words
14. Record original and revised translations of language words
15. Sentences in both language and English can be recorded
16. Sources for language evidence recorded with each language evidence/record
17. Attach sources in electronic form such as PDF, Word, JPEG, WAV, MP3 plus more
18. Record notes with each language entry
19. Categorise each word with a semantic domain
20. Classify each words part of speech
21. 9 Customisable fields
22. Control Visibility of words entered
23. Classify their Era
24. Archive language records
25. Store multiple images with each entry
26. Store multiple audio clips with each entry
27. Store multiple video with each entry
28. Store multiple anything you like with each entry
29. Make audio recordings via Audacity if installed
30. Produce a multitude of word lists using filters in either PDF, RTF or Excel format
31. Search all records with a text string and have results returned in either a Form, Report or Table view
32. Record "To Do's" to other users
33. Create your own mini keyboard with special characters
34. Have words immediately viewable in the Learning Area
35. Metadata automatically recorded identifying user activity
36. Proven to handle databases with well over 10,000 records
37. Instantly find records using the predictive text feature
38. Plus more features continually being added