The Boomerang Information Book

The Boomerang Information Book

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Most of us tend to associate Australia with one type of boomerang, the returning variety. It is generally accpeted that the returning type was a later addition to boomerangs.

Origins of a throwing stick are known in Egypt and parts of South America, but it was the Australian Aborigine who created a wide variety of boomerangs that had different applications, thus providing the greatest diversity.

The earliest known evidence has been found at Wyrie Swamp in South Australia dating back to c.10,000 years. This has been scientifically proven by radiocarbon dating. As you read through this book you will begin to appreciate that the boomerang is more than just a toy.

The word boomerang is believed to derive from the Aboriginal word "BOOMORI", although there are different Aboriginal words for the boomerang, this one was eventuially anglosized to the boomerang.

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