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Miromaa Software Version History

The current version for Miromaa is 3.5.1

Detailed Version History for Miromaa 3

Miromaa 3.5.1

* Added Dictionary Export
* Changed branding of "Sources" to "Library"
* Changed the default export options
* Fixed Multimedia Export falsely showing an error in some cases
* Fixed link for Help > Learning menu item
* Fixed link on Help > Support screen
* Fixed alphabetical sorting of Word Categories and Part of Speech in Add Word Reference window

Miromaa 3.5.0

* Changed the email in the register exe contact@acra.com.au -> miromaa@acra.org.au
* Added sorting in Options screens
* Added ability to use sample databases when creating DAT files.
* Fixed "Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation" to "Tasmanuan Aboriginal Centre"
* Fixed Language Users in Options not being selected
* Fixed User Groups not deleting properly
* Fixed being able to add empty fields in Options
* Fixed blank keyboard characters being displayed
* Fixed keyboard characters not properly being deleted

Miromaa 3.4.4

* Fixed Langauge Users not being selected in Options screen on startup

Miromaa 3.4.3

* Fixed Export screen not saving sort order in some circumstances
* Fixed Export screen sometimes showing an extra column

Miromaa Updater 1.0.1

* Fixed an issue on Windows 8 computers preventing download of Update files from the Internet

Miromaa 3.4.2

* Fixed incorrect tag for Videos in Export screen

Miromaa 3.4.1

* Fixed TeamViewer link on the Support screen

Miromaa 3.4.0

* Added Export window defaults (Visibility: Unrestricted, Main: Yes, Archived: No)
* Added default selection of the first language in the Login
* Added Custom Label for "Translated Language" to replace "English" throughout
* Added more Sentence fields
* Added a Short Text field
* Added People and Organsiations to the credits on the About screen
* Added Custom Label functionality to the Export screen
* Added TeamViewer link on Support screen
* Fixed display of "Aboriginal" in some places
* Fixed an error in the Export screen when Multiple Multimedia was selected
* Changed text in Sources Options screen from "Name of source (book, word list, )" to "Name of Source (Person, Document, Other, etc.)"
* Changed the height of the Keyboard characters to be larger
* Changed the ordering of "Create" ,"Import" and "Choose" buttons on the Login screen
* Changed display of "Page Ref." and "Other Ref." to "Reference 1" and "Reference 2"
* Changed username selection to a dropdown list
* Changed display size of Sentence fields
* Changed the order of Custom Labels
* Changed Custom Fields to be larger and accept multiple lines
* Changed Export screen Video tag to \ff
* Changed display of Keyboard Options screen.
* Removed ability to overwrite a Language Database file from within Miromaa.

Miromaa 3.3.18

* Fixed an issue with exporting.

Miromaa 3.3.17

* Fixed an issue where some special characters would not appear in the keyboard
* Fixed an issue that would cause Reports not to work on Windows 8 and 8.1
* Fixed an issue with the Import screen.

Miromaa 3.3.16

* Fixed Update button in Options screen not working correctly.
* Fixed an issue that caused Custom Field labels not to work for multiple languages.
* Fixed an issue that could cause Multimedia attachments not to save.
* Fixed an issue with Multimedia Location when creating a new Language under certain circumstances.

Miromaa 3.3.15

* Fixed issue with version number.
* Fixed issue with remembering last used DAT file.

Miromaa 3.3.14

* Fixed issue with Audacity on newer computers.

Miromaa 3.3.13

* Fixed an issue where adding an attachment sometimes didn't set a default name.

Miromaa 3.3.12

* Updated contact information
* Updated max length of some fields to allow more information.
* Updated Copyright and Support details.
* Added ability to Import/Export the "Knowledge" field introducted in 3.3.11.

Miromaa 3.3.11

* Added "Knowledge" field to "Notes" section in Linguist/Editor screens.
* Added "Comments" field for Sources.
* Added Secondary Attachments for Sources.
* Upgraded registration procedure.

Miromaa 3.3.10

* Fixed issue where source link was being exported instead of activity link.
* Fixed issue where Export screen could remove filters.
* Changed exporting of multiple multimedia to limit to three with the \px tag.
* Fixed issue where Export labels were editable.
* Added ability to move multiple multimedia up and down in the list.
* Added the primary multimedia into the sub list so that it has a title.
* Fixed issue where Learner screen was not sorting by english when listed by english words.
* Added ability to search using wildcards to the search window.

Miromaa 3.3.9

* Fixed an issue where Activity Link was not working.
* Fixed an issue where Default Skin was not properly selected.

Miromaa 3.3.8

* Fixed an issue with About Page Document Attachments.
* Changed size of Export screen to improve look and feel.
* Changed name of Custom Labels.
* Added Acknowledgements to the About Miromaa screen.

Miromaa 3.3.7

* Changed "Source" fields in Export to distinguish between Source Code and Source Activity.
* Changed default new DAT file location to My Documents.
* Fixed an issue where deleting a user and readding them with the same name gives an error.
* Changed 'Other' to 'activity' in Multimedia List.
* Added Options - Custom Labels, to change labels for some fields in the main screens.
* Added ability for Export to save 'Extra MMs'.
* Added Source link in the main window.
* Added "About " in the menu bar to show a window with a document.
* Added option to attach an HTML or PDF file to the About window for a language.

Miromaa 3.3.6

* Fixed an issue where Miromaa failed on 64bit computers.

Miromaa 3.3.5

* Fixed an issue where Extra Information fields were cut short in Word Lists.
* Fixed an issue where Detailed English to Aboriginal Word Lists had Aboriginal on the left instead of English.

Miromaa 3.3.4

* Fixed an issue where the default MiromaaDat file was not being updated along with Miromaa 3.

Miromaa 3.3.3

* Fixed issue where user rights could prevent registry from being read and then a data file failing to load.
* Fixed an issue that could prevent entries from being removed from the Archive.
* Fixed an issue where Leaving the Arhive screen could cause Miromaa to crash.

Miromaa 3.3.2

* Changed an alert message in Import that was not well defined.

Miromaa 3.3.1

* Fixed issue where "Clear" button was not working for the Notepad.

Miromaa 3.3.0

* Fixed issue where changes made to a word are not always saved when switching to Learner.
* Removed "Skip 10", Undo and Save from the navigator.
* Changed the icon of Delete to "X" in the navigator.
* Added a resize grip in the bottom right corner of the window.
* Changed the navigator to be slightly bigger.
* Updated email and web links within the program.
* Removed Language/Learn/Tools from the left hand menu.
* Fixed issue where Todos may not display properly
* Fixed issue where Search tool could still be used in Learner screen
* Fixed issue where changing the custom fields did not alter the labels in some places.
* Changed "Find" to "Go To"
* Changed the location of the Word ID to the Status Bar on the right.
* Fixed issue where an empty left hand menu could still be visible on the Entry Screen.
* Added Save to the File menu.
* Added tooltips to the Controls Section.
* Added a button for "Remove Filter" in the search box.
* Changed Databases custom field from "Language" to "View".
* Added an option to change the skin.
* Added "Notepad".
* Added an Edit Menu with Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste and Select All.
* Added metadata for Checked By, Locked By and Archived By
* Added option to sort main records by Word ID, Language or English in the Status Bar.
* Added saving of Last Database and Default Skin to the Registry.
* Fixed an issue where Locked option was not acting as expected.
* Changed the Layout of some of the screens.
* Fixed an issue where ToDos could not work under certain circumstances.
* Fixed a bug that could occur when creating a new Data File.

Miromaa 3.2.0

* Fixed issue with Word Category and Part of Speech lists in Word Entry screen.
* Removed display of database field name from the Export screen.
* Removed version '3' reference from Miromaa during use.
* Changed the Title of the program window to reflect the language being edited.
* Fixed the Menu window not being centred in some situations.
* Changed all references to "Aboriginal" to now reflect the language being edited.
* Added a new field for Original Recorded Sentence Translation.
* Changed the name of some fields to make them more accurate.
* Changed the layout of the screens.
* Added two buttons to copy a Word to it's Original Record.
* Fixed an issue that could occur when using different versions of Miromaa with the one Database where a failed update would falsely be detected.

Miromaa 3.1.1

* Fixed issue with fresh install not including MiromaaDat.mdb file.
* Fixed an issue where a long path name for the multimedia directory would cause unwanted GUI changes.

Miromaa 3.1.0

* Added the import feature
* Fixed an issue with Multimedia not refreshing on the Learner screen.

Miromaa 3.0.4

* Fixed an issue when deleting a user that has assigned ToDos.
* Fixed an issue when adding a new word from Editor/Linguist screen.

Miromaa 3.0.3

* Added functionality for Viewing Multiple Multimedia in the Learner screen.

Miromaa 3.0.2

* Added Multiple Multimedia functionality.
* Added a the option the add a new user to the current language.
* Fixed an issue when choosing "No" when prompted whether or not to enter the Archive screen.
* Fixed an issue When adding multimedia that could prevent the entry from being saved correctly.
* Fixed an issue when selecting Archive from the splash menu could remove the menu without showing the Archive screen.
* Fixed an issue when closing Miromaa 3 it could prompt to close multiple times.

Miromaa 3.0.1

* Fixed a problem when creating a new Language File.

Miromaa 3.0.0

* Initial version


Detailed Version History for Miromaa2

Changelog 2.9.11

* Added check for updates to main menu.
* Renamed and numbered options in options screen.
* visual changes/Tips/Instructions added to various option screens for language setup and security areas.
* updated contact details on main menu

Changelog 2.9.10

* Fixed search results to table in Language Worker/Linguist/Archived Words.

Changelog 2.9.09

* Fixed Language Worker/Linguist/Archived Words being filtered when opening the form.

Changelog 2.9.08

* Fixed a couple of spelling mistakes.

Changelog 2.9.07

* Fixed an issue with Language worker not displaying Words uncer certain circumstances.

Changelog 2.9.06

* Made the mini-keyboard hidden by default in the Linguist screen.
* Fixed issue with displaying search from Language worker in a table not displaying the correct results.

Changelog 2.9.05

* Added the ability to use the mini keyboard for all fields in Language Entry, Language Worker and Linguist forms.
* Added a new visibility of 'Restricted' for Language Worker and Linguist forms.
* Added a 'please wait' window appearing when checking for updates.
* Removed the year from the copyright statement
* Change the way the 'custom fields' form is opened so that the current word is shown.
* Fixed issue in reports where databases with multiple languages would sometimes show the wrong language
* Fixed issue with words with blank 'aboriginal word' or blank 'original spelling' not showing.
* Added buttons for more special characters into Language Entry, Language Worker and Linguist forms
* Added an 'add source' button and 'page reference' field to the language entry form

Changelog 2.9.04

* Added check to prevent adding words starting with a dot.
* Fixed issue with the MMData folder structure
* Fixed issue with word entry screen not being able to enter information
* Added functionality for the Diacretic Keyboard to add to more fields.
* Version now tied to a table in the application database.
* Added an 'Export Language' button in the Admin Menu which allows the user to export the current language.
* Changed the folder structure for new languages and new language databases (but still compatible with the old structure)
* Moved buttons on loging screen to change the database file and create a new one below a line.
* Fixed minor spelling errors on Language Worker and Linguist forms (added space to "TranslatedSentence" and corrected "Sentance")
* Created a new Language entry form.
* Fixed problem with search boxes in Linguist form not being aligned.
* Changed acknowledgement field in the Main Menu
* Added button to launch program 'Audacity' in the Language Worker form.
* Added a source combo box in Language Entry form.
* Added confirmation before deleting a language.
* Fixed Source combo box in Linguist form to now show two columns.
* Cancelling selecting a different database no longer quits.
* When selecting a different database, you are returned to the login screen to log into that database
* You can now change to a different database or create a new database from the login screen
* Fixed issue with not being able to change the custom fields when adding a new language to a database
* When creating a new language, you must then log into that language to change its custom fields
* Creating a new language resets the custom headings to language worker, language learner and tools.
* Implemented update feature to update from a web site.
* Fixed Search form not finding all records.
* Fixed Search For in Linguist form.
* Fixed Archive words appearing in Language Learners form.
* Made changes to the look of the Installation web page.
* Made batch files to automate the process of making the Installation Package